Leadership Council


The Feminist Humanist Alliance is led by women, trans, and gender-queer activists from diverse races, cultures, ethnicities, and experiences. This volunteer council delivers focused input on FHA vision and program direction.

The Council is currently recruiting new members. Learn more.

Stephanie Downs Hughes, Co-Chair

Stephanie is a sociologist and organizer who has been building local and state communities and initiatives around gender and social justice for over 25 years. As a long-time FHA leader, she has traveled the country in order to get directly involved with combating social inequalities through campaigns or establishing programs. More recently, she has expressed interest in "new blood" stepping up and continuing the vision of FHA down the path of self-determined liberation.

Desiree Kane

Desiree Kane is a Miwok woman, multi-media journalist, and a live-media event producer. She's an inclusive feminist deeply involved in Indigenous rights advocacy and grassroots political organizing.She's served on the Advisory Board of the Knight Foundation, Generation Nation, and is one of the founders of The PPL, which was a hub providing programming, services, space, and resources for 1,800 unaccredited media makers covering the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC in 2012.

Melanie Brewster

Melanie Brewster--professor at Teachers College, Columbia University in Psychology and Education--studies minority stress experiences. Specifically, her work focuses on how experiences of discrimination and stigma may shapes the mental health of marginalized group members (e.g., LGBTQ individuals, atheists and other nonbelievers, people of color, women). She also examines how factors like collective action and activism may impact mental health for such groups. Her first book, Atheists in America, was published in 2014.

Krista Cox

Krista Cox is a paralegal, poet and essayist who is an outspoken advocate for intersectional feminism both through social media channels and her writing, which has been widely published. She’s the Program Director of Lit Literary Community, a nonprofit dedicated to arts access, education, and support in her community.