Our 2019 Action Plan

Conference Scholarship

In furtherance of our commitment to advance inclusion within the humanist movement, we are facilitating a scholarship program for the American Humanist Association’s 78th annual conference to ensure that all humanists have access to and are welcome in humanist spaces. The scholarship is available to all humanists from marginalized groups and is not need-based.

Conference Watch Parties

For humanists who cannot attend the American Humanist Association’s conference in person, the conference will be webcast. The FHA is allocating grants to individuals and chapters to host conference watch parties. Grants will be awarded to those who demonstrate a willingness and ability to market to and host a diverse group.

Working with AHA Chapters

We are also developing a pilot program with local American Humanist Association chapters to train and support social justice representatives at chapters around the country. Chapters interested in being part of our first cohort should email feministhumanists@americanhumanist.org.