About the Alliance



The Feminist Humanist Alliance (FHA) is an affinity organization of the American Humanist Association. Working at the intersection of humanist philosophy and inclusive feminism, we build healthy communities that confront discrimination and oppression guided by the principles of intersectional feminism. In order to shape the world we want to live in, we are determined to engage inequality through compassion, education, and promoting social liberation.


We appreciate that people don’t lead single-issue lives and that it's important to recognize the differences that make up each of our unique identities, experiences and worldviews.

As community leaders, it's our responsibility to routinely consider who is included and excluded in decision-making and activities. We work to respect and include the unique input, struggle and social context of trans women, people of color and gender queer persons so our fight for social progress not only doesn't leave anyone behind, but elevates those most often silenced and marginalized.

Humanist thought leads naturally to support for social justice activism. The FHA uses this natural connection to foster compassion and expand awareness and understanding of various forms of bigotry. We believe that liberating minds–ours and the public–from casual biases and exclusionary attitudes is essential to broad social changes.


The Feminist Humanist Alliance of the American Humanist Association was established in 1977 as a coalition of women and men within the AHA to work toward the advancement of women's rights and equality between the sexes in all aspects of society.

Originally called the "Women's Caucus," the name "Feminist Caucus" was adopted in 1982 as more representative of its membership and goals.

The Feminist Caucus was formed out of need to address internal issues of disequilibrium within the AHA, as well as general gender injustice in our society. Acting as the feminist arm of the American Humanist Association, the Feminist Caucus’ principal efforts included working for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution and promotion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 2015, the group’s name was changed again to reflect it’s increased activism and focus on intersectionality. Today, the Alliance is led by a volunteer Leadership Council made up of women, transgender and genderqueer activists of diverse races, cultures, ethnicities, and experiences. The Council sets the Alliance’s annual agenda and serves as an advisory council to AHA.

While we have achieved much progress since our beginning 39 years ago, we recognize it’s necessary to expand our scope to be more inclusive and understanding of intersectionality within the movement.

This refinement in vision is reflected in FHA's more active partnership with outreach programs and social justice campaigns with deliberately inclusive feminist objectives.