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Our Mission

We strive to build healthy communities that confront discrimination and oppression guided by the principles of intersectional feminism. We are determined to engage inequality through compassion, education, and promoting social liberation.

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Taking Action

The alliance works with the American Humanist Association to advance inclusion and equity within Association chapters and activities, and provide input on the Association’s priorities. In 2019, we are facilitating a scholarship program for the American Humanist Association’s annual conference to ensure that all humanists have access to and are welcome in humanist spaces. We are also developing a pilot program with local AHA chapters to support social justice representatives at chapters around the country.


May 2018

“Where you have been a part of the problem is where you have the biggest opportunity for change. Where it has been easy for you to be a part of the system is where it will be easiest for you to change the system, but that requires really painful work. It requires being willing to see yourself as less great and more human. ”